AB6IX - 6th EP [TAKE A CHANCE] US Edition Video Call Event Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the AB6IX - 6th EP [TAKE A CHANCE] US Edition Video Call Event
Winners will be contacted individually via the email address used when purchasing the album.
Please make sure to pay close attention to your email from now until the event starts.
(We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by personal loss of contact.)

Video Call Event Schedule:
Video Call date: October 9th, 9PM PDT (October 10th, 1PM KST)
*Winners, please check for an email with information on how to get set up for the Video Call Event. Please check your spam folders.

Winners Info

Store Name Email
Kpoppin Ver****a Adele ****ent co****ergirlrocks@gmail.com
Kpop USA
Wil****e Kaha** wi****nek@gmail.com
Nan**** See****aman ns****araman2@gmail.com
Kar****Mellors kj***8@yahoo.com
Ann****izabeth ****es an****105@gmail.com
Emi****jaergaard il****oses0@gmail.com
Sof****lejo So****lejo460@gmail.com
K-Music Central
Joo****Ha Jh****super.edu
ARI****UKARI ar****eo@gmail.com
Epi****adelrosa ****frente ei****ba@gmail.com
hua****iyi my****lolic@163.com
Ser****n Yun st****.seryoon@gmail.com
Moe****Llavan ac****icenice5@gmail.com
Tri****goc Ngan ng****gann@gmail.com
Rhy****DeLaRo** rh****arosa@gmail.com
MIC****E MARIE **** CHEN mi****le.mock07@gmail.com
Pink Beat
Bai****Karant ba****karant@icloud.com
Yos**** Fujioka yo****nco@hotmail.com
Wan**** Sum wa****18@hotmail.com
Kat****Voravong ka****a@gmail.com
Amb****oy am****oy5432@gmail.com
Jos****Xiong jo****ong@naver.com
Aub****Gail Quin** au****quinto05@gmail.com
Raq****Yadira ***** Segura ry****ar1@gmail.com
Ama****Sen ia****amanda@gmail.com
Chr****na Fallone ch****inafallone96@gmail.com
Jul****Munoz ju****munoz99@gmail.com
Rei****heung ht****ina@gmail.com
Ash****Cervantes as****gcervantes@gmail.com
S L***h sh****htsupwell@gmail.com

Video Call Event Details:
1. Winners must wait for their turn with their phones and KakaoTalk prepared in advance of the call.
2. Winners will receive a video call via KakaoTalk from hello82. (If you fail to answer the call more than twice, you will forfeit your chance, and we will move on to the next winner.)
3. You will talk to each member one at a time, and after talking to all 4 members, the video call will end.
4. The duration of your call is up to the event staff and management on event day.

Video Call Event Precautions:
1. Orders cannot be canceled, exchanged, or refunded.
2. The event will be conducted with the KakaoTalk ID given to hello82 staff when you are contacted via email (you cannot change the KakaoTalk ID once it is sent to hello82). Make sure that the KakaoTalk ID's friend search and add status are set to "Allow." hello82 is not responsible for any problems that arise if you’re not allowed to add friends or if you are unable to register.
3. Only the winner of the event can participate in the call, and your call may be forcibly terminated if someone other than the winner is connected or if more than one person participates.
- There will be an ID check before the call. The name on your photo ID must match the name you used when buying your album(s).
- If someone else takes over the payment due to a problem with the payment method, please make sure the order name is the video call entrant's name and matches the entrant's photo ID name.
- Event entries will be organized by the entrant name and email address you leave when ordering the album, so make sure to double check before checking out.
- Minors who apply for the event under a guardians name may be asked to show proof of relationship (but only one person may join the video call).
- It is possible to enter the event by proxy, but the entrant is responsible for any complications that arise.
4. If you do not end your call after the time is up, the event staff may end the call for you.
5. If you are found to be selling or transferring your winning status, you will be restricted from participating in hello82 events in the future.
6. If you fail to answer hello82's correspondence after two attempts, you will not be able to participate in the event.
7. Please check your WiFi connection and camera/sound status in advance. If the call is not possible due to connectivity issues on your end, you may not be able to participate in additional events.
8. If the content of the video call is deemed to be inappropriate, your call may be forcibly terminated.
9. If you need an English interpreter, an English interpreter will be available to you.
10. Interpreters may warn hello82 staff of any inappropriate comments or questions, and those comments/questions will not be relayed to the artist.
11. Video recording or recording with any device is not allowed during the event. In addition, recording and/or sharing any part of the event on social media or otherwise is prohibited.
12. Album recipient names are limited to 5 Korean / 10 English characters.
13. Depending on event day circumstances, the event details may change without prior notice.
14. As much as you love and cherish the artist, please be courteous and use your manners.
15. Each winner is responsible for any disadvantages that arise from not following the instructions from the event staff.
16. As the event details may change without prior notice, please follow the staff's guidance.