Congratulations to all the winners of the PLAY82 WITH WEi LA FANSIGN EVENT.

Winners will be contacted individually via email left when purchasing the album.
Please make sure to pay close attention to your messages from now until the event starts.
(We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by personal loss of contact.)

Date: JUNE 2 (FRI) 7PM PDT
Location: Winners will be notified by individual e-mail

[Winners Info]
*Check your order number at MY ACCOUNT > ORDER HISTORY

no. ORDER #
1 #127574
2 #127575
3 #127581
4 #127584
5 #127585
6 #127586
7 #127588
8 #127590
9 #127591
10 #127596
11 #127598
12 #127605
13 #127606
14 #127611
15 #127612
16 #127620
17 #127638
18 #141972
19 #142169
20 #142317
21 #142779
22 #142904
23 #142923
24 #142992
25 #143008
26 #143126
27 #143621
28 #143657
29 #143749
30 #143767
31 #143772
32 #143932
33 #144009
34 #144023
35 #144042
36 #144162
37 #144190
38 #144201
39 #144204
40 #144213
41 #144214
42 #144237
43 #144244
44 #144265
45 #144279
46 #144280
47 #144297
48 #144333
49 #144337
50 #144427


- Only the 50 lucky fans will be able to attend the FANSIGN EVENT. This is NOT an open event.
- If you are a minor (under 18), you can attend the event alone but you need to preapre a letter of consent. The letter of consent needs to be written by a parent/guardian. Please bring it along with your accompanied by a parent.
- The FANSIGN EVENT will occur according to the random seat number you are given on-site at the event. (Not by the order of winners in the announcement.)
- If you end up winning but are unable to attend the event, we will ship the album to you unsigned.
- Winners will receive one album (random) out of the albums purchased to be signed on-site, and will not be able to choose the version of the album.
- Signatures will be done on the photobooks of the albums prepared onsite. (Signatures on the album case, photo cards, and other personal items are prohibited.)
- The staff will write the name of the person who will receive the signature onsite when entering the event venue.
- Additional question post-its and FANSIGN EVENT items (ex. large headbands, flower crowns, etc) are prohibited.
- Please use hand sanitizer before it is your turn in the FANSIGN EVENT.
- To prevent the risk of COVID-19, it is recommended to wear a face mask when enetering the event venue.
- Please do not ask or say anything to the members that is inappropriate, confusing, complicated, personal, etc. (You are not permitted to cause any delays in the FANSIGN EVENT).
- Delivering gifts to the artists, including fan letters is prohibited. Please use delivery services to send gifts.
- If you ignore staff instructions, disrupt the FANSIGN EVENT, or threaten the safety of others, you will be removed from the event. (If this does happen, you will not be refunded.)
- Attendees are prohibited from standing up from their seats, moving to a different seat, or moving around during the FANSIGN EVENT.
- Taking photos, videos, or recording is not allowed while receiving the artist's autograph. Please your cell phone and camera in your seat.
- You are allowed to take pictures and videos only in your seat. You are not allowed to film and/or use a tripod outside of your seat.
- If you are found to be filming, uploading, or streaming any portion of the FANSIGN EVENT on any social media platform or other site, you will be removed.
- Attendees are prohibited from re-entering if they leave the FANSIGN EVENT without permission.
- Alcohol consumption is prohibited before and during the FANSIGN EVENT. Entry will be restricted if you enter after drinking, and you may be forced to leave if you drink during the event.
- This event may be subject to change or cancellation, depending on the organizer's circumstances.
- This event may switch to a video call event if unforseen circumstances cause the in-person FANSIGN EVENT to be cancelled.
- Organizers of this event are not responsible for any accidents or confusion caused by not following the precautions for the FANSIGN EVENT, as well as not abiding by the instructions stated during the event. We ask for your participation and cooperation for the event to operate smoothly.
- If you are found to be transferring or selling your winning status, you will be banned from future hello82 event participation.
- Due to the nature of the event, refunds/cancellations will not be allowed after the end of the sales period.
- Rules are subject to change without notice.

- Doors will open 1 hour before the event begins. Please arrive prior to doors opening, or you may not be able to participate in the event due to check-in delays. Please arrive early to have your name and ID checked before entering.
- Entry check-in will be conducted using the Shipping Address and Name on your order:
Go to > My Account > Order no. / Shipping Name and Address to verify that the order information matches the information on your ID.
Screenshots will not be allowed. Please be prepared with your real Account Page or Confirmation email.
Any form of identification (Driver's license, school ID, passport, etc) will be allowed, so long as the date of expiration has not passed.
- Winners of the Fansign Event will be wearing a wristband. Please be sure to keep your wristband on inside the venue. If you are found without a wristband, you may be stopped by security.

**The above rules and precautions are subject to change.
Please keep checking our socials for any updating information.