hello82 In-Person Policies


All on-site purchases are final sale. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES/RETURNS. 


When ordering online for in-person pickup you have two weeks once the item is available for pickup to retrieve your order. Once the 2 week period has passed, we will automatically refund your order and the item will be reshelved. 

If you purchased any items online for pick up at an in-person event or venue, the 7-day return/exchange policy also applies when you pick it up.

Which means you have 7 days (from the day of retrieval) to claim a missing or wrong item.

**If you are unable to pick up your items within the 2 week period, another person is able to retrieve your order as long as they provide: 

  • A copy of the ID of the person whose name is on the order 
  • The order number 
  • A copy of the original confirmation email for the order (Can be forwarded or screenshotted) 




In order to maintain the safety of fans, artists, and staff, we ask that you please follow the instructions of hello82 staff members at all times. 

**Please note that any unruly behavior at the event (e.g. pushing or shoving) will subject your removal from the event and (depending on the severity of the situation) may constitute a lifetime ban from hello82.  

All on-site event products are final sale once the event ends. Please check if you received the correct product(s) as soon as you received them.

Any incorrect, missing, or defective products must be returned/exchanged with receipt before the event ends.

**After the event day, you cannot refund/exchange for any reason.



Cancellations will only be accepted within the sales period. Please check the product description for more information on the product 

Generally, we do not accept refunds once the sales period has ended. This may not be the case for all events, so please be sure to read the product description carefully for information on that specific event. 

However, once the winners have been announced, refund requests will no longer be accepted. 

If there are any missing/lost/damaged items, please refer to the “Claims” tab for more information on how to file a claim. 

**Please note you have 7-days from the delivery date to file a claim 



All items are final sale, and claims for any incorrect/missing/damaged items will only be considered during the event period. Once the event ends, we will no longer be accepting claims, so please check to make sure that you received the correct products as soon as you receive them. 



**The precautions may vary from event to event, so please make sure to check the precautions for that event. 

(In particular, instructions on camera equipment, etc. for filming may vary from event to event.)

The following items will not be allowed: 

  • DSLRs/Professional Cameras/Telescopic lenses or other camera attachments 
  • Weapons (e.g. pepper spray) 
  • Outside food 
  • Signs that will impede the vision of people around you 

**Flash photography is also not permitted. 

**If we see you with any of these items we will ask you to put it away, and possibly to leave the event if staff instructions are not followed.

Merchandise sold at Play82 events are final sale. Please make sure to inspect your purchases for any missing/damaged items. We will not accept claims for returns/exchanges once the event concludes. 

Please always follow staff instructions on the day of the event, and if you have any concerns locate a staff member and they will be able to assist you. 



You will receive 1 cupsleeve for each drink purchased. However, a cupsleeve is not guaranteed as they are only available while supplies last. 

For fan-hosted events, hello82 will solely be providing the event space, and is not responsible for any merchandise/decorating that will be utilized at the event. Please plan accordingly and ensure that you have all the materials/decorations needed. 

The rules of each event may vary, so be sure to stay informed by keeping up with hello82 on all social media platforms for more information regarding each event!



hello82 is not liable for any: 

  • missing/stolen/damaged goods
  • sales/trades not affiliated with hello82

Please exercise caution when trading with or purchasing from any individuals at these events. 

Please also ensure that you are aware of your belongings at all times as things can get misplaced or stolen. 

We do not allow sales of any sealed albums at these events and we will ask you to put them away if we see them.