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Shipping & Delivery Information

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We ship orders to Asian countries from Korea, and we ship the rest of the international orders from the United States. International orders, outside of Asia will take a bit more time because we must first ship products from Korea to the U.S. warehouse according to order volume and then send out to fans. We sincerely appreciate your patience. Typically, we start the shipping process after the end of the sales period marked on the product page, and we start packaging paid orders as soon as all items arrive in the U.S. warehouse from Korea. Please read each product page carefully to check when the shipping process will begin for your item(s).





You will receive an automatic shipping notification at the time the tracking number is created and your order is out for delivery. Tracking numbers can take about 1-2 weeks to update as the package makes its way through the shipping network to get to you. If your tracking number has not updated within 2 weeks of receiving the shipping notification, please login to the Help Center and submit a shipping status Request Form.







    We process and ship out orders every week from Monday through Friday, not including public holidays and company downtime. Standard shipping times are typically around 2-3 weeks, depending on where you live.


    *Please note that the shipping times indicated at the time of checkout refer to the time it takes the shipping carrier to deliver the package once you have received the shipping notification. The shipping time starts at the time the shipping notification is sent to you with your tracking number, NOT when you placed the order. It also does not include the time it takes our fulfillment center to prepare the order before it is handed off to the shipping carrier.


    When you receive your tracking number, please allow around 1 to 2 weeks for your tracking number to update. If there are no updates after this time and you see there is no movement of your order, please log in to the Help Center and submit a shipping status Request Form to further assist you with your order.







    If you need to change your address, please, inform us as soon as possible before the shipping information is sent to the fulfillment center. You may submit a request by logging in to the Help Center and submitting an account info Request Form.


    If you request an address change too late, we may not be able to update your address in time. If this happens, we advise to either add a forwarding address with your local USPS office or reach out to the shipping carrier and ask if you can change your address. You can view the shipping carrier contact links in the MISSING/LOST article.


    Generally, the shipping information is usually sent 10 days before the item's release date to the fulfillment center, this would be the deadline to request any account/order changes, 10 days before the release date. However, this varies per item so please ask a customer success representative for further assistance.







    hello82 is not responsible for packages that are late, missing, or stolen in cases caused by the shipping carrier or others.


    Once we hand over your order to the shipping carrier that you selected at checkout (USPS, UPS, DHL, APC, etc.) they are responsible for tracking its whereabouts and getting it delivered to you. Because late, missing, and stolen package cases do occur, we recommend choosing a shipping method that comes with insurance.


    In instances where the package is marked as "delivered" but you have not received your package:

    1. Check with friends/neighbors/lobby to see if it was delivered to the wrong address
    2. Double check your order history and make sure you noted your shipping address correctly
    3. Contact the shipping carrier for an update on the order to see if it is held up at a distribution center, held in customs, or held at a local post office (contact links below)
    4. Submit a Request Form by logging to the Help Center so that a representative can further assist you.












    If your items have different release dates, we usually wait until all the items in your order have arrived to our fulfillment center to ship them out together. (NOTE: Your items may be sent in separate packages if you ordered many items or if they are under different order numbers)


    If your order contains a US-Only album(s) with other international available items, your US-Only album may be sent out first in order to count towards the charts, as these sales need to be reported within a specific time period.







    Some worldwide available items are shipped from Los Angeles, CA. The three main shipping carriers offered are;

    • USPS
    • UPS (Worldwide, Saver)
    • DHL


    Each carrier ships at different rates for different prices. Please, take this into consideration when checking out and figure out which option best suits you for your location.


    Worldwide Items Shipped to Europe:

    The following policy applies to international available items and shipped all over the world. 


    If you are located in Europe and using UPS as a shipping carrier, please, double check your address on your hello82 account. Sometimes the address will lead the order to be sent to an access point for pickup instead of direct delivery to your home. This is based on UPS's shipping areas.


    Please contact UPS (at the contact link below) regarding your address and feel free to login to the Help Center to submit a shipping status Request Form for further assistance on shipping your order.


    UPS Contact Info:


    *This policy does NOT apply if you are ordering from the "EUROPE ONLY" section of







    This policy applies to orders made through the "EUROPE ONLY" section of


    EUROPE ONLY SHIPPING PRODUCTS are shipped from Germany. 
    UPS is the main shipping company that delivers "EUROPE ONLY" products.

    Germany to Germany shipping typically takes around one week from the date you receive the shipping notification with your tracking number, NOT when you placed the order.

    Shipment to all other European countries takes around one to two weeks from the date you receive the shipping notification with your tracking number, NOT when you placed the order.

    UK ONLY SHIPPING PRODUCTS are shipped from the UK. 
    Royal Mail and EVRI are the main shipping companies that delivered "UK ONLY" products.

    The shipping carrier may vary depending on the delivery situation for each product.

    UK to UK shipping typically takes around one week from the date you receive the shipping notification with your tracking number, NOT when you placed the order.


    In the case that the recipient is absent or depending on the delivery circumstances, the item may be stored at a pickup point. If the item is not
    picked up within the specified timeframe, the item will be returned to our fulfillment center. Please, keep this in mind and proactively check the tracking status of your order after receiving the shipping notification.

    The order may be returned back to our fulfillment center if the recipient's name/address is incorrect or if the recipient's name is not listed at the appropriate address. Please make sure to check in advance whether the recipient’s name is marked on the doorbell. 

    If the item is returned to our fulfillment center, you will incur the shipping fee for it to be sent out again. Receiving the returned parcel back at our warehouse might take 2 to 3 weeks, and we can reship it at the customer’s request when the returned parcel arrives at our warehouse and the payment of the reshipment fee is completed.

    Packages will be automatically disposed of if they aren't reshipped within 90 days from the fulfillment date.
    Please keep this in mind and keep an eye on your shipment status. If marked as "Return to Sender," please promptly contact the Help Center for assistance.

    Shipping information cannot be changed once the shipping information has been sent to the fulfillment center as they prepare to send out the orders. Please, make sure that your shipping information is accurate and correct prior to checking out.

    Generally, the shipping information is sent 10 days before the item's release date to the fulfillment center. This would be the deadline to request any account/order changes.
    However, this varies per item so please ask a customer success representative for further assistance.