[Loossemble - 1st MINI ALBUM : Loossemble] Video Call Event Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the Loossemble - 1st MINI ALBUM : Loossemble Video Call Event.
Winners will be contacted individually via the KakaoTalk ID and email left when purchasing the album.
Please make sure to pay close attention to your messages from now until the event starts.
(We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by personal loss of contact.)

[Video Call Event Info]
Event date: Monday, 1/8 2PM KST
*Winners, please check for an email with information on how to get set up for the Video Call Event. Please check your spam folders.

[Winners Info]
*Check your order number at MY ACCOUNT > ORDER HISTORY
hello82shop.kr: □□□□□□□□-□□□□□□□ (8-7digits)
hello82.shop: #□□□□□□ (#6 digits)

no. ORDER #
1 20231226-0000032
2 20231229-0000051
3 20240101-0000155
4 #203097
5 20240101-0000196
6 20240101-0000082
7 #202666
8 #202629
9 20240102-0000042
10 #203062
11 20240101-0000059
12 20240101-0000176
13 20240101-0000140
14 20240101-0000208
15 #202943
16 #203041
17 20240101-0000099
18 20231228-0000064
19 20240101-0000101
20 #202867
21 20231229-0000030
22 #202978
23 20240101-0000186
24 20240102-0000083
25 #203017
26 #202904
27 #202926
28 20240102-0000031
29 20240101-0000071
30 20240101-0000211


[Video Call Event Details]
1. Your chance to have a special time with Loossemble! 30 winners will be chosen from album buyers.
2. Enter your KakaoTalk ID at checkout to be entered to win.
3. Album versions will be sent randomly (1 out of 3).
4. The video call will end after the appointed time with each member of Loossemble.
5. Video calls will be made through KakaoTalk.
6. You will be informed of your turn through a KakaoTalk message 5 minutes before the call.

[How to make a Video Call]
1. Winners must wait for their turn with their phones and KakaoTalk prepared in advance.
2. Winners will receive a video call via KakaoTalk from hello82.
(If you fail to answer the call more than twice, you will not be able to participate in the event.)
3. After having a pleasant call with the artists, the video call will end.

[Video Call Event Precautions]
1. Orders cannot be cancelled, exchanged, or refunded.
2. The event will be conducted with the KakaoTalk ID entered at the time of application. (No changes to the messenger or ID are allowed after application.) Make sure that the KakaoTalk ID's friend search and add status are set to "Allow." hello82 is not responsible for any problems that arise if you are not allowed to add friends or if you are unable to register.
3. Only the winner of the event can participate in the call, and your call may be forcibly terminated if someone other than the winner is connected or if more than one person participates.
- The "Order" name entered when checking out and the KakaoTalk ID's name when applying for the event must be the same name.
- If someone else takes over the payment due to a problem with the payment method, please apply "Order" name in the same way as the name of the "Kakao Talk ID" who participates in the actual event.
- Please note in advance that depending on the event, there may be an identification process during the individual winner contact.
4. If you do not end your call after the time is up, the event staff may end it for you.
5. If you are found to be selling or tranferring your winning status, you will be restricted from participating in hello82 events in the future.
6. If you fail to answer hello82's correspondence after two attempts, you will not be able to participate in the event.
7. Please check your WiFi connection and camera/sound status in advance. If the call is not possible due to connectivity issues on your end, you may not be able to participate in additional events.
8. If the content of the video call is deemed to be inappropriate, your call may be forcibly terminated.
9. If you need an English interpreter, an English interpreter will be available to you.
10. Interpreters may warn hello82 staff of any inappropriate comments or questions, and those comments/questions will not be relayed to the artist.
11. Video recording or recording with any device is not allowed during the event. In addition, recording and/or sharing any part of the event on social media or otherwise is prohibited.
12. The album will be signed to the buyer's name (billing name) and separate To. name and PS. request are not available.
13. Depending on the circumstances of the live event, the content and time of the event may change without prior notice.
14. As much as you love and cherish the artist, please be courteous and use your manners.
15. Each winner is responsible for any disadvantages that arise from not following the instructions from the event staff.
16. As the live event details may change without prior notice, please follow the staff's guidance.
-Please understand that certain members may be absent due to unavoidable circumstances or conflicting schedules, and that the notice of such absences may be announced just before the event.
17. The album version that comes signed will be determined randomly.